Who we are

A team of architects, engineers and professionals who are passionate about  travel, architecture and everything related.

Our dynamic & dedicated travel-mates are passionate travellers and committed architecture enthusiasts. The team holds extensive experience in architectural tourism & educational excursions including circuit & resource planning, food & accommodation, transportation & workshops and much more.

So, while on tour, we take care of everything, that you can better focus on the “Architecture”.

Team Members

What we do

We exclusively and elaborately plan, organise and conduct tours by providing a consolidated travel solution to ‘aspiring architects’ for their excursion or educational tour which is a part of their academic curriculum.

We are proud of our rich history, heritage, culture  & architecture. Join us to explore it better.


Trips done

Travel- Archies

How we do

We provide the best & Most Cost Effective Service in the field of Architectural Tourism and become a One Stop Solution for architecture enthusiasts


  • Zone Selection & Circuit Design
  • Itinerary Preparation
  • Cost Estimation


  • Tour Finalization
  • Necessary Bookings
  • Briefing The Students


  • Journey Kick Off
  • Complete Accommodation, Food & Travel
  • Emphasis On Local Architecture And Heritage

What makes us exclusive

A brand new initiative in the field of Architecture, Travel & Education.



Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.

The Journey began

During the 90s, we heard so much about the Silicon Valley and entrepreneurs. That one seemed too far away and out of reach to be of much significance. Then in the 2000s, we started hearing about Bangalore. Nearer and more real. Today we are overloaded with jargons...

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Architecture Students need tour?

“Architecture begin where engineering ends.” - Walter Gropius Architecture is a beautiful profession. An architect gets to design, and create spaces and places where humans spend all of their living hours. Spaces we call home. Places we go to for work, for recreation,...

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